Film Preview: One Last Night (2019)

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(August 11, 2019) Original

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August 20, 2019


From IMDb: “On their first date, Alex and Zoe venture out to see a movie at a local theater. The film ends and the two become so engaged in a heated discussion that they do not notice the theater closing, leaving them locked inside. Their adventure starts out light and comical as they search for an escape and quickly find themselves falling for one another. Suddenly, a secret is revealed about Alex that abruptly changes Zoe’s perception of the night. Perhaps, their escape room experience was not as accidental as she initially thought.”

Poster Rating: –

Review: There was no poster immediately available for my review. Should one become available in the future, this section will be updated.

Trailer Rating: C-

Review: The trailer doesn’t do a good job of laying out the premise. There’s a modest amount of potential here, but the trailer suggests a terrible sound mix, weak supporting performances, and a lack of purpose.

Oscar Prospects:


Trailer #1


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