Film Preview: Halloween Ends (2022)

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(July 24, 2022) Original
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October 14, 2022


From IMDb: “The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode comes to a spine-chilling climax in this final installment of the franchise.”

Poster Rating: C / C / C+

Review: (#1) If you’ve seen any of the prior designs for this recent series of films, you won’t be terribly impressed with another design that looks like the prior ones.

(#2) Two iconic figures should boost the film’s presence, especially without the title listed, but there’s almost no bit of creativity to it. (#3) While the overabundance of black is unappealing, there’s an attempt at inventiveness that doesn’t quite work, but is a nice effort nonetheless.

Trailer Rating: C+ / C+

Review: (#1) This trailer isn’t showing the audience anything new. It’s just a standard issue battle between Laurie and Michael and we’ve seen it for several films now with little actually having changed it seems.

(#2) It’s about as familiar as one could expect for this franchise and isn’t too different from the prior effort. Some of the plot is given away and so too are many of the murders, which makes the whole thing a bit anticlimactic.

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