6th Academy Awards (1932/33): The Ceremony

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Nominations Announcement

Nominations Announcement Date: Monday, February 26, 1934

Ceremony Details

Awards Ceremony Date/Time: Friday, March 16, 1934, 8:00pm
Location: Banquet, Fiesta Room, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles
Host: Will Rogers
Length: 1 hours, 50 minutes


Picture: Will Rogers (NOTE: Presented all awards, no specific order is given)
Directing: Will Rogers
Assistant Director: Will Rogers
Actor: Will Rogers
Actress: Will Rogers
Writing: Adaptation: Will Rogers
Writing: Original Story: Will Rogers
Cinematography: Will Rogers
Production Design: Will Rogers
Sound Mixing: Will Rogers
Animated Short Film: Will Rogers
Live Action Short Film (Comedy): Will Rogers
Live Action Short Film (Novelty): Will Rogers
Scientific & Technical Awards: Will Rogers

Previous Acting & Directing Winners

The tradition of prior acting winners returning the subsequent year to present the opposite-gender category is a long one. Each year, we look to see whether the prior winners returned. There was an intermittent tradition where the prior directing winner returned as well, but this was a rare occurrence.

Actor – Wallace Beery & Fredric March: No
Actress – Helen Hayes: No
Directing – Frank Borzage: No

Scientific & Technical Awards

No Information Available Yet

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