The Rundown 2019: Film Editing & Cinematography

For our eleventh Rundown article, we look at the awards the govern the look and pace of a film. After the jump, you’ll find our winner and runner-up predictions for Best Film Editing and Best Cinematography as well as general commentary about the race. Thursday, we’ll cover the sound of cinema.

Best Film Editing

Winner Predictions

  • Ford v Ferrari (WL R) [New] (TL O)
  • The Irishman
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • Joker
  • Parasite (PP R) [New] (TB R) [New]

Runner-Up Predictions

  • Ford v Ferrari (TB R) [New]
  • Joker (PP R) [New]
  • Parasite (WL R) [New] (TL R) [New]

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Wesley Lovell: This race comes down to two films, Ford v Ferrari and Parasite. The former has received numerous awards for editing, but the latter is a potential Best Picture winner that might have to make do with a handful of techs. Right now, I’m giving the edge to Ford v Ferrari, but I think Parasite could easily spoil.
Peter J. Patrick: Thelma Schoonmaker is great, but it’s time for some new blood in this category so look for Parasite or Joker to win over The Irishman.
Tripp Burton: The surprise ACE win for Parasite moves it into the lead here, as that has a pretty good track record, but it could be upset if voters lean towards the exciting car racing of Ford v Ferrari.
Thomas La Tourrette: The Academy seems to have a bias against films that look like they were done in a single shot. Birdman was not nominated for this award, and neither is 1917. I guess they feel that the editing was done by the cinematographer and not an editor. If 1917 were nominated, I would expect it to win. Since it is not, it probably will be between Ford v Ferrari and Parasite. There will be a push for the fabled Thelma Schoonmaker to win another award for The Irishman, but the length of that film will probably keep people from rewarding it for editing. And rightly so, in my mind. Joker and Jojo Rabbit, which did win the comedy film award from the guild, could sneak in, but I think it boils down to the flashy cutting of Ford or the intimate drama of Parasite. I would have considered it a slam dunk for Ford, except that Parasite won the guild award for best drama. I will still give the edge to Ford v Ferrari, but I could see Parasite pulling off the upset.

Best Cinematography

Winner Predictions

  • 1917 (WL O) (PP O) (TB O) (TL O)
  • The Irishman
  • Joker
  • The Lighthouse
  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Runner-Up Predictions

  • The Irishman (TB O)
  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (WL R) [New] (PP O) (TL O)

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Wesley Lovell: Is there reallya competition here. Roger Deakins has finally found the Academy’s good graces and the single-shot gimmick of 1917 went off so well, that he’s bound to win this prize without breaking a sweat.
Peter J. Patrick: This one looks to go to Roger Deakins for 1917 with another old pro, Robert Richardson, his closest rival for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.
Tripp Burton: After waiting so long to win, I don’t see any way that Roger Deakins doesn’t take a second Oscar for the long takes of 1917.
Thomas La Tourrette: It took Roger Deakins 14 tries to finally win an Oscar. Now on his 15th nomination, he will be taking home a second one for 1917. His near seamless work making the film look like it was done in one shot was amazing and no other film came close to matching his artistry. It is difficult to choose a runner up as he seems so certain of winning. The Lighthouse was beautifully shot, and continues the Academy’s love of black and white movies, but I cannot see it winning. The Irishman is more noted for the anti-aging work in the film than its cinematography. Joker had some noticeable scenes, but I am not certain how much of that was due to the filming. It could win if the film pulls a sweep across the board, but that seems doubtful. Probably the warm hues of Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood stand the best chance, but nothing will stop Roger Deakins and 1917 from winning this Oscar.


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