Oscar Preview: Weekend of Jun. 7-9, 2013

We had one film release this past weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations.

Much Ado about Nothing

Reviews are good, but not great. Joss Whedon’s success as director of The Avengers has earned him the ability to do more intimate projects. While I think the modest reaction from critics will ultimately keep the film out of Oscar consideration, the film’s best chances remain in Best Adapted Screenplay where it could very easily nab a nomination in a week field. Still, Whedon’s success may have injured a few egos after all those years of networks and studios pushing back or cancelling his shows due to low ratings. Now, he’s having the last laugh, which he’s taking with humility. Still, that won’t be enough to overcome reviews to earn him an elusive Oscar nomination even if he already has one for co-writing the original Toy Story.

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