Film Preview: Youth Without Youth (2007)

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Poster Rating: B

Review: There’s a little bit of cool and chic in this poster. The mirrored words of Youth and “Francis Ford Coppola” give it a surreal quality and with all of the roses blending with images, it’s a bit bizarre, but certainly more interesting than much of what we’ve seen this year.

Trailer Rating: B; B-

Review: Coppola has an uneven track record since his landmark Apocalypse Now. This trailer is sneaky and promises an interesting story that we haven’t yet discovered. It could be his tour-de-force return to cinema or it could be another dud. We’ll have to wait until it opens.

The film features some gorgeous cinematography, but there’s an undercurrent of the bizarre in the film that may not equate well to bringing in an audience. Coppola has been trying some interesting things in recent years, some work, some don’t. It’s hard to tell by this preview if this one will work, but I’m cautiously pessimistic.

Oscar Prospects:

If Coppola’s back in rare form, this could be a huge Oscar contender. However, I’m doubtful that he can stage a late career comeback when all of his contemporaries have been continuing to impress as they age, not regress.

Release Date:

December 14, 2007

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September 15, 2007 – Original
December 1, 2007 – New Trailer

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