Film Preview: The Simpsons Movie (2007)

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Poster Rating: C+

Review: It could have been more intriguing considering Groening’s talent, but this poster’s lack of complexity is detrimental.

Trailer Rating: A-; B; B+; B+; B-

Review: An interesting opening could have sufficed for a teaser, but proceeds into a rather humorous wrecking ball dilemma that definitely gives the audience a giggle without giving any of the plot away.; The second teaser keeps the original teaser’s 3-D/2-D comparative opener but then tacks on a different set of scenes from the show that are significantly less funny, but still moderately amusing.; While Teaser 3 appears to be a dead link, we look to Trailer 1 to find our first glimpse of what the film is about. And in true Simpsons style, the plot is not revealed and only marginally alluded to. There are plenty of humorous scenes but anyone familiar with the show will realize that not many of them are in the trailer and some of the funniest will be contained the actual film and not in the trailer.

You can find two new trailers at the link above. Previously, we looked only at the teasers and these are actual, full-length trailers. The first embarks on a comical journey through many scenes from the film, but only gives us promise that there will be more. Even the use of very tense music in the middle works well.

The second trailer contains too many elements of the others and doesn’t feel as suspensful nor as intriguing. Even the Spider-Pig segment at the end can’t make the trailer seem any more interesting.

Oscar Prospects:

I’m almost afraid the Oscars will ignore this film completely since it is a transplant from television. Since the category wasn’t around when South Park hit the big screen, it’s hard to say whether Oscar animators will ignore the film or support it. If it’s a nominee, then it will be a contender for the award.

Release Date:

July 27, 2007


Although this is little more than an extended versions of a modern Simpsons episode, there is plenty to amuse and delight all around.

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