Film Preview: The Great Debaters (2007)

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Poster Rating: B

Review: The dijon yellow is different enough in color to many of the other yellow-centric posters we’ve had this year. Denzel Washington in black and white along with the coloring make this fit more appropriately with the setting of the film, thus making it a bit more fitting than it otherwise might have been.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: Who couldn’t do with a great political film that examines the past instead of the future? While the current onslaught of anti-war films, The Great Debaters could prove the best antidote. Taking place during the civil rights movement and highlighting the struggle to be declared equal, the film looks engrossing enough to sustain most war-weary folk. Whether the film’s any good, that is difficult to tell from this standard genre flick.

Oscar Prospects:

This film will either travel the trajectory of Dead Poets Society, Mr. Holland’s Opus or Dangerous Minds. All are inspirational films about teachers who encourage their students to greatness. I could see this pic doing well with the ever-weakening slate of contenders. Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Director, Screenplay and Editing are all possibiities. If it does earn nods there, then it’s also likely the film could pick up nods for Costume Design and Art Direction. If it doesn’t, then Washington better be warned that this film will either certify him as a nominee or help to cancel him out with his performance in American Gangster

Release Date:

December 25, 2007

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