Film Preview: Sunshine (2007)

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Poster Rating: B-; D

Review: So, we finally have the film’s actual poster. The half-face in the sun-like aura is a bit freaky but overall, it’s much better than the original. Using warm, sunny colors helps to balance and invoke the title of the film.

Another titular soliloquy, at least with minorly interesting design elements. Still, I don’t get the sense of the film’s subject in the poster as only the title would suggest any sun-traveling element. With September as the release date, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see.

Trailer Rating: B-; C

Review: Sci-Fi junkies will flock to this film for the interesting premise and the dazzling effects. The only problem is that we’ve seen this film in many incarnations. It is just another apocalypse-averting flick that The Core and Armageddon were which means that the only thing original about the film will be the ways in which people die before the sun is re-ignited. One of the few saving graces of the film is the effective use of the Clint Mansell score from Requiem for a Dream.

The first trailer showed us how much the film might be like The Core or Armageddon. The second trailer degrades that impression further by adding a horror element that makes the film seem a bit more like Jason X or Event Horizon . The more I see of this film, the less interested in it I become.

Oscar Prospects:

If it were a less spectacular year in the race for the Visual Effects award, this film would still be nowhere near the festivities. Its effects look terrific, but it just isn’t the style of film the Academy likes to recognize.

Release Date:

July 20, 2007

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