Film Preview: Starting Out in the Evening (2007)

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Poster Rating: B-

Review: Mounting their Oscar campaign around a poster means that Frank Langella could get some boost from having his mug center-screen. The poster, however, looks more like a campaign tool than an attempt to draw audiences to the theater, which hurts the entire work.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: Likely to be a mediocre blend between Mr. Holland’s Opus and Venus, Starting Out in the Evening seems destined for one thing: Oscar recognition for one of the long-unappreciated actors of Hollywood history. The film looks like it could be interesting as it focuses on the independent thinking that has managed to leak out of the literary world as more popular authors find a footing in the publishing empires than do the men and women who got it on its feet.

Oscar Prospects:

This is certainly an Oscar vehicle for Langella. However, whether he goes for lead or supporting actor will determine his success. If he gets nommed in Support, I’d say the prize is his, but going for lead, he might not even be able to get a nomination, requiring extreme critical support to put him there.

Release Date:

Novembe 23, 2007


Frank Langella is staggeringly good, but the rest of the film is exceptionally weak.

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