Film Preview: No Country for Old Men (2007)

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Poster Rating: D-

Review: Good lettering. Bad everything else.

Trailer Rating: C+; C

Review: Unless I miss my guess, the Coen Brothers have abandoned the light comic fare of their past and have made a more serious and destructive picture. Although I applaud them for that, too much of the Coens style comes out in the preview and those who aren’t in love with that type of filmmaking will likely be turned off. And, after only 5 seconds of Javier Bardem’s stiff performance, I’m annoyed with the character, which isn’t a good sign.

All the people who have been pushing this film as a great achievement have said that it’s a dark comedy. This second trailer doesn’t give that impression at all. Matter of fact, there’s a bit too much Grindhouse in the production, which might be part of the pseudo-comic element. Otherwise, the film looks too much like a seventies exploitation/action/horror film than it does a series motion picture.

Oscar Prospects:

The Coens have had a hit-and-miss relationship with the Academy. Only Fargo (1996) and O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) have been popular with the Oscars. Seven years may be enough time, but with only one Best Picture nod under their belt, they are going to have to have produced one of the greatest films of all time to earn that kind of respect. And as far as the preview shows, this won’t be that opportunity. Screenwriting nominations may be in order, possibly a performance or two, but it’s highly unlikely anything else will get much attention.

Release Date:

November 9, 2007


The Coen Brothers explore the demise of the Western with their late-80s-set drama about a simple man running from a amoral assassin.

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