Film Preview: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)

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May 20, 2016


While preparing to sell their house, the Radners are beset by a new set of neighbors, this time a rowdy sorority. To combat this problem, they call in old friends from the fraternity house on the other side.

Poster Rating: C / D / C- / B+

Review: (#1) A mere teaser, but one that speaks volumes. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong volumes. If the film is attempting in any way to tackle a feminist topic, this kind of teaser is not the way to go about it.

(#2) It may borrow from the design from the first film, but it really isn’t that interesting. (#3) This one does a better job of evoking the first film’s design while employing an interesting, if predictable, Captain America: Civil War motif. (#4) Then you have an artistic design like this to give the film a decent amount of credibility even if it won’t be widely distributed for use in advertising.

Trailer Rating: B / C / C-

Review: (#1) If you were a fan of the original, which a lot of people are, this should do little to dissuade you from wanting to see the film. While it’s not as funny as it should be, it’s perfectly enjoyable and will definitely appeal to fans even if it won’t pick up any new ones.

(#2) This raunchy red-band trailer has a number of laughs, but doesn’t make the film feel any more necessary than it was before. It could have used less focus on dirty jokes and dildo references and more time on crafting a premise that feels fresh.

(#3) The freshness paradox for the Neighbors sequel continues with this neutered version of the red-band trailer. A few scenes are added to keep a similar length, but the funniest elements of the prior two trailers are largely absent. If there were a film that seemed more like it needed a script doctor, it’s this one.

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