Film Preview: Mama’s Boy (2007)

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Poster Rating: –

Review: There was no poster immediately available for my review. Should one become available in the future, this section will be updated.

Trailer Rating: D+

Review: Nearly everything about this trailer is offensive to me. It continues a recent trend making fun of nerds and geeks as some societal outcasts that aren’t worth of serious consideration. With the predeliction towards making fun of them and talentless actors like Jon Heder helping out, it’s not hard to see why there’s a tendency towards beautiful role-models who adhere to traditional norms. There will be little of redeeming quality in this film, but I’m sure it will be a big hit.

Oscar Prospects:

Superbad is the year’s “outcast” flick and the only one that has any hope of going near the Oscars. Mama’s Boy won’t be more than a pariah seeking redemption through strong box office receipts.

Release Date:

November 30, 2007

Page Revisions:

October 6, 2007 – Original

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