Film Preview: Liberation (2020)

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(January 12, 2020) Original

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January 20, 2020


From IMDb: “Based on real life events, the film is set in January 1949 and focuses around a group of soldiers involved in the final stages of the Battle of Pingjin.”

Poster Rating: B / C / B- (5)

Review: (#1) The gold-and-red visual design isn’t that interesting, nor is the star motif that this poster puts front and center. The overall look of the film works a bit, but perhaps not enough. (#2) Bad coloration, cheap PhotoShop overlays, and a lack of action elements makes this design feel both out of place and pointless. (#3-#7) While it might not appeal to American audiences, the red-and-yellow visual cohesiveness between the main poster and these character posters along with the star-light on each face make it very obvious that these are conveying Communist Chinese themes and that’s probably appropriate even if the designs are over-saturated.

Trailer Rating: C

Review: A chaotic trailer that moves quickly to accentuate the accent, but too quickly to read the subtitles. It’s almost as if the producers don’t care what non-Chinese speakers can understand and that’s probably not far off base.

Oscar Prospects:


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