Film Preview: Just Mercy (2019)

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December 25, 2019


From IMDb: “Just Mercy shadows world-renowned civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson as he recounts his experiences and details the case of a condemned death row prisoner whom he fought to free.”

Poster Rating: F / C+ / C

Review: (#1) There is no way this design, simple black lettering on a white field, will appeal to passers-by enough for them to even notice who stars in the film.

(#2) The colors here don’t fit well and the background doesn’t help alleviate the burden of the giant title. (#3) The same colors used and an even duller design. The title’s a reasonable height, but the rest of the design tries hard to sell the film on Michael B. Jordan, but that isn’t enough.

Trailer Rating: C+ / B+

Review: (#1) This predictable legal drama looks like a number of White Savior films of similar ilk in recent years with a black protagonist instead of a white one. That might make for an interesting commentary on our supposedly post-racial society, but it doesn’t make the film look any less uninspired.

(#2) The music and sound to this trailer alone makes it feel more pressing than the prior design and the rest features just enough of intrigue to pull in a familiar audience.

Oscar Prospects:


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