Film Preview: Hot Rod (2007)

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Poster Rating: D+

Review: What gets me about place-filler posters is how hard they try sometimes to make it look engaging. This one doesn’t succeed as everything far too small to understand detail even if it is significantly better than many such posters.

Trailer Rating: D-; D+

Review: This teaser is at the pinnacle of laziness. It’s short and features blatantly stupid humor. It’s hard to imagine anyone sitting down to and enjoying this film, but we’ve seen films like Ghost Rider and Hulk become instant successes despite being exceptionally poor films. This one isn’t a super hero flick, though, so it might not catch on at all.

Further proof that more scenes from a film doesn’t always make for the best preview. This film will almost assuredly appeal to the Nacho Libre audience it is obviously targeting, but this Nacho Libre/Napoleon Dynamite blend doesn’t promise to improve upon, nor even match the success nor popularity of those movies.

Oscar Prospects:

The day the Oscars recognize films like this is the day armageddon arrives.

Release Date:

August 3, 2007

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