Film Preview: Connected (2020)

Page Revisions:

(March 8, 2020) Original

Release Date:

September 18, 2020


From IMDb: “Katie Mitchell is accepted into the film school of her dreams. Her whole family drives Katie to school together when their plans are interrupted by a tech uprising. The Mitchells will have to work together to save the world.”

Poster Rating: –

Review: There was no poster immediately available for my review. Should one become available in the future, this section will be updated.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: The few humorous moments in the trailer don’t quite inspire confidence in the finished product as the parent doesn’t seem to grow nearly as much as the child, which kind of mitigates an argument against the notion that living a connected life is a bad thing.

Oscar Prospects:

A nomination for Animated Feature is certainly possible, though not guaranteed.

Trailer #1


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