Film Preview: Black Book (2007)

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Poster Rating: C; C+

Review: This poster is very busy blending a number of images from a film that looks really intriguing. Fortunately, few people will be completely turned off by the poster and fewer still will see the film because of either.; The second poster is a bit less cluttered and more eye-catching than the first, but significantly less interesting in its depiction of the film’s subject.

Trailer Rating: A-

Review: Definitely worth checking out, this World War II espionage thriller should be engaging for anyone with an interest in such things. I’m actually quite surprised that it didn’t pick up a Foreign Film nomination with the Academy from the looks of this trailer.

Oscar Prospects:

Failing to pick up an Oscar nomination for Foreign Film despite being submitted for such means Black Book could figure prominently in this year’s Oscars. It certainly has all the earmarks, but the concern is its early April release date. Should it figure well into the year-end critics awards, this one could have staying power.

Release Date:

April 4, 2007

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March 28, 2007 – Original

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