Film Preview: Ben Is Back (2018)

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(October 14, 2018) Original
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December 7, 2018


From IMDb: “Follows the charming yet troubled Ben Burns (Hedges), who returns home to his unsuspecting family one fateful Christmas Eve. Ben’s wary mother Holly Burns (Roberts) welcomes her beloved son’s return, but soon learns he is still very much in harm’s way. During the 24 hours that may change their lives forever, Holly must do everything in her power to avoid the family’s downfall.”

Poster Rating: C / C-

Review: (#1) There’s an awkwardness to this poster that is a lot more genuine than a lot of posed designs around. Unfortunately, there’s really not much more to this design. (#2) This is a much more hopeful design, but it strikes one as hitting a false note, especially when looking at the content of the trailer.

Trailer Rating: B / C

Review: (#1) The first trailer is a tempting and fascinating turn that suggests one type of movie and then maneuvers it to another kind. It’s well done for a teaser. (#2) On the other hand, the second trailer paints a more commonplace portrait of the film wherein drug addiction, crime, and recrimination play an equally unoriginal part of the proceedings.

Oscar Prospects:

Julia Roberts is receiving minor buzz for her role in this film, but the film itself doesn’t seem to be getting much attention otherwise.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Poster #1Poster #2

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