Film Preview: Awake (2007)

Trailers (Due to age, may no longer be available)

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Poster Rating: –

Review: There was no poster immediately available for my review. Should one become available in the future, this section will be updated.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: What might have proven an interesting concept is cheapened in the trailer by making it a pseudo-thriller. The fact that Jessica Alba stars adds another strike as her ability to convey emotion is limited. While there is some promise in the idea about friends betraying those they pretended were friends, I can’t imagine it being more interesting than your traditional pot-boiler.

Oscar Prospects:

No Oscars for this film. Thrillers rarely do well with the Academy and this one looks a bit too horror-influenced, even though it probably isn’t.

Release Date:

November 30, 2007

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October 27, 2007 – Original

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