Film Preview: Ammonite (2020)

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(September 20, 2020) Original
(December 13, 2020) New Trailer (#2)

Release Date:

November 13, 2020


From IMDb: “1840s England, acclaimed but overlooked fossil hunter Mary Anning and a young woman sent to convalesce by the sea develop an intense relationship, altering both of their lives forever.”

Poster Rating: C+

Review: Having the two characters overlay one another to become more substantial is a fairly common poster trick and with nothing else of merit about the design, it doesn’t work all that well overall.

Trailer Rating: B- / B

Review: (#1) The trailer moves along at a predictable pace, hits all of its expected beats, and never tries to suggest something more compelling or daring.

(#2) The music makes things more poignant and the narrative is distilled down just enough to be modestly understandable, but without the kind of dramatic repercussions we would normally expect from a such a film.

Oscar Prospects:

The early reviews position this as a major Oscar player, at least in terms of nominations for Best Actress (Kate Winslet) and Best Supporting Actress (Saoirse Ronan). Being a period piece, Production Design and Costume Design could also be in play. We’ll see what the field looks like before determining what else it could compete in.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Poster #1

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