Film Preview: A Rainy Day in New York (2020)

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(October 4, 2020) Original

Release Date:

November 10, 2020


From IMDb: “A young couple arrives in New York for a weekend where they are met with bad weather and a series of adventures.”

Poster Rating: C / C- / D+

Review: (#1) the silhouettes in red are a nice touch, but there’s too much vacant space in the background and far too little color, not to mention the lack of actual rain. (#2) This better exemplifies the title, though it’s really just a still from the film that almost feels like it was perfectly blocked, but also doesn’t seem that interesting. (#3) Take the first poster, cut out a lot of the white background, make the skyline nearer and add tacky inset photos of the cast and you get something that feels even less organic than previously.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: The whole trailer while presenting a quintessentially Woody Allen premise looks poorly acted from all corners. Typically great actors like Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning are pushed into inorganic performances that feel over-played, making the whole film unenticing.

Oscar Prospects:

None. Now that Woody Allen has fallen out of the good graces of Hollywood and his studio release options are limited, his chances at Oscar nominations have been reduced to almost nothing.

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