Film Preview: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

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Poster Rating: B-; B+; F

Review: The first of the actual posters for the film attempt to sell it with the faces of its stars. However, they’re in black-and-white and the annoying red lettering continues to aggravate this year.

This second poster is far more interesting, it has a lot more of a tie to the old western genre and doesn’t focus overlong on its actors. It’s far better accomplished.

The least they could have done was make the poster look a little more Old West. As it stands, this place-holder poster tells us nothing about the film, doesn’t even remotely get the audience excited about it and provides no visual entertainment.

Trailer Rating: B-

Review: The preview highlights all of the conceits of the western genre while trying to entice average filmgoers in with stars Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Most won’t realize the film’s a remake as it’s likely to include a significant number of modernized effects; However, I’m sure there’s a segment of viewers out there who will deride the film quickly and loudly for its treatment of the original.

Oscar Prospects:

The original film was not an Oscar favorite and while there’s some love of the genre out there, it’s unlikely that a Western remake is going to do well with the Academy.

Release Date:

September 7, 2007

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