Film Preview: 300 (2007)

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Poster Rating: B+

Review: The creativity of the poster is simple. Show a graphic scene, splasy some blood around and call it a day. While I can’t say that’s particularly appealing, this poster is at least pleasing to the eye and firmly suggests the type of film it is likely to be.

Trailer Rating: C-; C-

Review: How can a “teaser” give away so much of the film. I dread to see what the actual “trailer” shows. Just from this, one can expect a film with over-the-top acting but interesting cinematography; This trailer should get plenty of teenage boys into the theater with its promise of violence and attract women with the promise of abs. Only the visuals look like they can save this film from itself.

Oscar Prospects:

Cinematography might be a possibility, though since Sin City failed to pick up a nod for much more intriguing use of lighting, then it’s likely this film may get left out too. It’s early positioning in the year may also make it the most easy to forget as the graphic depiction of blood pushes it out of contention.

Release Date:

March 9, 2007


It was just as I expected: beautiful to look at; vapid in its plot. The performances are weak and I didn’t care if anyone lived or died. A full review will be posetd at the link below once the review is written.

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