90th Oscars: Screener Watch – Neon

A big production package from Neon featuring several titles. No proposed categories on these.


Oscar Chances: Unlikely: Well reviewed Anne Hathaway starrer that doesn’t have much of a prayer.

The B-Side

Oscar Chances: Unknown: This documentary could be a contender, but it’s not been on many year-end lists so far, so possibly not.

The Bad Batch

Oscar Chances: Unlikely: A film that arrived and left without much fanfare. Not the type of movie Oscar voters suddenly discover.

Beach Rats

Oscar Chances: Unlikely: It earned solid praise, but the subject matter isn’t quite up the Academy’s alley.

Ingrid Goes West

Oscar Chances: Unlikely: Crass comedy that was modestly received, but not the Academy’s cup of tea.


Oscar Chances: Unkonwn: Directed by CitizenFour documentarian Laura Poitras, the film hasn’t scoped out a lot of end-of-season accolades so far, so probably not much of a contender.

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