2019 Precursor Predictions: American Cinema Editors

The chaotic nature of this year’s Oscar season has led to a rare divergence among our contributors where none of this year’s American Cinema Editors nominees get universal predictions. Most often reflected in the Academy’s Best Film Editing Oscar, this winner could help us narrow down the players for the Oscars.


Best Drama Editing

Ford v Ferrari (Wesley, Tripp, Thomas)
The Irishman (Peter, RU:Thomas)
Joker (RU:Tripp)
Marriage Story
Parasite (RU:Wesley, RU:Peter)

Wesley Lovell: The Irishman was thought too long and Marriage Story was a bit too straight forward. With the latter not nominated at the Oscars and the former having a chance only because of the name attached, the potential winner of this category falls to a tight race between Ford v Ferrari, Joker, and Parasite. What ultimately works in Ford‘s favor is the strange notion that more editing equals the best editing. That said, Parasite is a film that slow boils to its conclusion, but skillfully weaves its story, suggesting it’s a possible spoiler here. Of course, Joker performed better with the Oscar nominations than most expected, so it’s certainly a possibility here as well.
Peter J. Patrick: Anything is possible in this category but I’m guessing the extensive editing of The Irishman will win with Parasite next in line.
Tripp Burton: The most editing would seem to favor Ford v Ferrari, but if Joker is really as popular in Hollywood as it seems, maybe this is where it starts making a case for itself.
Thomas LaTourette: Four of the nominees are Oscar nominees too, so they are well respected by the film industry. That said, I think it will come down to Ford v Ferrari and The Irishman. Thelma Schoonmaker is viewed as a wizard in her field and would normally be hard to beat, but the 3 ½ hour length of the film may make people feel it was not edited enough. Ford v Ferrari was an exciting film, with the editing adding a lot to it. It should win.

Best Comedy/Musical Editing

Dolemite Is My Name
The Farewell
Jojo Rabbit (Tripp, Thomas, RU:Wesley)
Knives Out (Wesley, RU:Peter)
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (Peter, RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)

Wesley Lovell: Knives Out weaves a story together that must create mystery, employing flash backs and subtle edits to deliver a capable story. The Farewell and Dolemite Is My Name are more traditional edits while Once Upon a Time was criticized for being too long. Jojo Rabbit is an energetic and funny story that owes a lot to its editing, so it stands a good chance. Once might still claim the prize, simply for being a major Oscar player, but this group is hardly concerned about that, especially since Jojo is the only Best Film Editing Oscar nominee in this list, which might just give it the edge.
Peter J. Patrick: Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood should prevail with Knives Out its toughest competition.
Tripp Burton: Jojo Rabbit is the only Oscar nominee here, so that would seem to favor it, although Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood is probably the most popular movie here.
Thomas LaTourette: As Jojo Rabbit is the only Oscar nominee out of this group, it would seem the likeliest to win. It was also fast paced and does have a few explosions which go over well in this category. Once Upon a Time probably came close to a nomination and might surprise here, but I expect Jojo to prevail.

Best Animation Editing

Frozen II (RU:Tripp)
I Lost My Body (Wesley, RU:Peter, RU:Thomas)
Toy Story 4 (Peter, Tripp, Thomas, RU:Wesley)

Wesley Lovell: While it might not seem like animated films require much editing, but the requirements for putting together such a film are just as complex as any live-action film. Frozen II and Toy Story 4 are both straight-forward narratives whereas I Lost My Body relies heavily on flashbacks and a skillful editing job was required to make it all work. I give it the slight edge, but never count out Disney. I suspect Toy Story 4 has the best chance of overcoming I Lost My Body.
Peter J. Patrick: This should go to the popular Toy Story 4 unless they want to honor the new kids on the block with I Lost My Body.
Tripp Burton: I have no idea how to predict this. I’ll go with the most popular film.
Thomas LaTourette: Toy Story seems the logical choice to win.

Best Documentary Editing

American Factory (Peter, RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)
Apollo 11 (Wesley, Tripp, RU:Peter)
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice
Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (Thomas, RU:Wesley)

Wesley Lovell: Cutting together archive footage is always considered an award-winning operation and Apollo 11 is one of the few documentaries this year to earn a handful of citations for its editing. That said, any one of these films could win as we don’t know just what will impress ACE voters. I suspect that Making Waves could be a spoiler, but I wouldn’t count out anything.
Peter J. Patrick: Either of the year’s most widely seen documentaries, American Factory or Apollo 11 should take this one.
Tripp Burton: There is no way Apollo 11 loses here, but if it does, it’s to Oscar nominee American Factory.
Thomas LaTourette: I have only seen two of these and have no idea how they compare. Making Waves looks like it should be an interesting film with lots of editing to showcase the Art of Cinematic Sound, so it reasonably could win. Apollo 11 was an exciting film to watch, so perhaps it could win, though any of the nominees could.

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