Oscar Preview: Weekend of Sep. 12-14, 2014

We had two films release this past weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The Weinstein Company, co-founder Harvey Weinstein specifically, is well known for his purchase of films to either bury or bolster for Awards contention. Unlike the protracted public battle with director Joon-ho Bong over the editing of Snowpiercer, Eleanor Rigby has so far defied direct confrontation with the producer even though it’s already been edited from an interesting concept of two films told from different perspectives into a single film with both perspectives mixed together.

For Snowpiercer, Weinstein wanted the film edited to appeal to Midwestern audiences. Bong didn’t want an inch of his masterpiece touched. Ultimately, Bong won the altercation and Weinstein agreed not to edit it, but would not release it wide as originally contracted and would go limited for a few weeks before going wide. He also released it direct to VOD the same day as its limited release. The film never got that true wide release it was promised, but it did end up becoming quite a hit in its limited and VOD runs.

Jessica Chastain is said to be an Oscar contender again this year, but for two films, A Most Violent Year and this one. If Weinstein actually pushes the film, Chastain is likely to get the nod for this film. Weinstein loves his female leads, so James McAvoy might not get the deserving push he’s been missing all these years. The film doesn’t seem like much of an Oscar contender otherwise, though a screenplay nomination might be possible.

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