Oscar Preview: Weekend of Jun. 6-8, 2014

We had one film release this past weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations.

Edge of Tomorrow

This is the classic example of a Summer blockbuster whose originality might mean the difference between being ignored by Oscar and embraced by it. The problem is that the year has been so stuffed full of visual effects extravaganzas that it may be ignored.

This time-bending, sci-fi spectacle has everything: a rich soundscape, a plethora of visual effects and plenty of cross-cutting and narrative adventurousness. Films like Total Recall, Jurassic Park and District 9 were effects extravaganza’s who built their reputations on originality and took that to the bank with Oscar. Total Recall secured nominations in both sound categories and then a special achievement Oscar for visual effects. Jurassic Park took home three Oscars for the sound and visual effects categories. District 9 went even further, picking up Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing, but only picked up one tech nomination for Best Visual Effects.

Unfortunately, Edge of Tomorrow is also reminiscent of a number of recent sci-fi films, including last year’s Oblivion, that haven’t been as welcomed by Oscar. Perhaps its the over-abundance of visual effects being beaten out by more subdued efforts, but more likely it’s a disinterest in recognizing science fiction films when other types of films are so effectively using these types of effects, including Best Picture contenders. Edge of Tomorrow may still have a shot at the two sound nominations and a visual effects nomination, but a win is doubtful.

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