Film Preview: Without Remorse (2021)

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(April 4, 2021) Original
(April 11, 2021) New Trailer (#2) — New Poster (#2)

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April 30, 2021


From IMDb: “John Clark, a Navy SEAL, goes on a path to avenge his wife’s murder only to find himself inside of a larger conspiracy.”

Poster Rating: C- / C-

Review: (#1) No real attempt to create energy or excitement even with bullet holes and guns.

(#2) A poor choice for a design. Even the energetic, predictable action posters might have been more interesting and engaging than this.

Trailer Rating: C- / C

Review: (#1) Not every Tom Clancy story should be made into a movie and the attempts to sell this as a great adaptation of one of his novels falls exceedingly short with dense action, colorless energy, and a lead who doesn’t seem like he wants to be involved in a plot for a film that is riddled with cliché.

(#2) A slight rearrangement of the images from the first trailer make the film seem almost more interesting, but it also looks like every other revenge/action flick that’s ever been made, which might entice hardcore action fans, but won’t pull in many others.

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Trailer #2


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