Film Preview: West Side Story (2021)

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December 10, 2021


From IMDb: “An adaptation of the 1957 musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds.”

Poster Rating: D / B+

Review: (#1) The simple title design doesn’t work and never has. It’s just uninteresting to look at. (#2) These Disney/Pixar poster designs with the Asian style continue to impress.

Trailer Rating: B+

Review: A subtle teaser for those who are familiar with the original stage musical and its successful 1961 adaptation. The use of what sounds like Rita Moreno singing one of the most memorably songs from the show only adds to the nostalgia factor and excitement for the already initiated.

Oscar Prospects:

This should be one of the year’s big Oscar contenders. Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited adaptation of West Side Story is sure to play well with Oscar voters. The big question is if it can rival the 1961 original’s nomination count or ultimate Oscar haul. We’ll see if it can become the first remake to win Best Picture after its predecessor did as well.

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