Film Preview: The Vault (2020)

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March 26, 2021


From IMDb: “Thom, a genius engineering graduate is interested in the Bank of Spain’s safe. The Bank building is more than 100 years old, with no building blueprints available and a security system that includes an underground river that will flood the safe room if their walls are breached. As soon as Thom learns that a legendary lost treasure is going to be held at the bank’s safe for just 10 days, he devises, together with charismatic art dealer Walter “Cunningham” a detailed plan to breaking in. They will only have 105 minutes to do so, while the Bank’s staff will be distracted, watching the 2010 Football World Cup final match , played by Spain’s national soccer team and broadcast on a giant screen, coincidentally placed just in front of the Bank of Spain building.”

Poster Rating: C-

Review: This design is so poorly done that Freddie Highmore barely looks like himself. The designers went a little too far in their attempts so make the design snazzy and fail as a result.

Trailer Rating: B-

Review: A theme of most film reviews of late is whether we’ve seen something too similar before and whether the makers succeed at creating something unique or interesting. This film tries very hard in its trailer to make the cast for both points and never quite unifies in its ability to make the conceit sound interesting enough to warrant attention.

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Trailer #1


Poster #1

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