Film Preview: Nope (2021)

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(February 20, 2022) Original
(June 19, 2022) New Trailer (#2) — New Posters (#2-#7)
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July 22, 2022


From IMDb: “The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.”

Poster Rating: C+ / C+ / C+ (5) / B- / C+

Review: (#1) This is the kind of poster that doesn’t make sense in the present, but might be more compelling after seeing the film. That’s how the Us designs felt. It’s not enough information, though, to appeal to many.

(#2) With as much given away in the second trailer, this design makes a lot of sense even if it’s unfortunately simplistic. (#3-#7) Nothing really to see in these character posters as they are all almost identical.

(#8) A reflection in the cow’s eye is a nice touch, though perhaps a bit minimal. (#9) This is completely unlike any of the other designs and that’s nice to see, but the rhinestone affectations don’t quite fit and the spaceship looking like a pair of lips is a poor stylistic choice.

Trailer Rating: B / B-

Review: (#1) While the trailer doesn’t quite create the intrigue needed to involve an audience, it presents just enough to entice the viewer. Unfortunately, only fans of Jordan Peele’s prior films will have much interest after this.

(#2) There’s one scene that removes all mystery from the film and that alone is a major deduction. While there are some very interesting moments, giving too much of your plot away can create disinterest.

Oscar Prospects:

Get Out was huge with the Oscars, but Us wasn’t. Will the third time be the charm?

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