Film Preview: In the Heights (2021)

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Release Date:

June 18, 2021


From IMDb: “A feature version of the Broadway musical, in which a bodega owner has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his grandmother’s fortune.”

Poster Rating: C+ / B- (6) / B- / B- (8) / C+ / B-

Review: (#1) It’s colorful and establishes a setting, but it doesn’t do much else for the design.

(#2-#7) This series of posters, each taken from shots of the film look interesting enough and for the uninitiated, they might just be intriguing enough to bring in new viewers.

(#8) A much more emblematic design with a setting in the backdrop, little details that establish place and a primary image that effectively presents the main characters while arranging them in unique and balancing spaces.

(#9-#16) This series of character posters have a vibrant color and the setting shifting between characters is detail enough to be interesting even if ultimately weak with no creative energy. (#17) The Dolby design has a serious lack of background elements in the upper half of the design, which might draw the eye to the lower half, but it ultimately feels forced. (#18) A nice, vibrant design that fills much of the space, but the blurry segments around the central detail don’t look appealing.

Trailer Rating: A- / B+ / A- / B- / C+

Review: (#1) Unlike a lot of musical films in recent years, this trailer isn’t afraid to show off the singing and dancing. That helps make the film look a lot more engaging, especially with the plotting that’s revealed.

(#2 & #3) Both of these trailers create excitement in the form of limited song inclusion, but the third design ever so slightly bests the first and especially the second design by giving us more of the impactful title tune and giving us snippets of all the players and their hopes and dreams, but not precisely what they are.

(#4) At this point, the laws of diminishing returns suggest that future trailers that don’t have much in the way of additional music aren’t likely to interest more people than who were already drawn to the film.

(#5) This is the second trailer in a row where the joy of the first efforts feels toned down and less inspiring and engaging. When making trailers this late in the game, more information is certainly warranted, and the lottery ticket idea is one we hadn’t gotten before now, but it’s poorly framed and ultimately doesn’t engage the audience.

Oscar Prospects:

This could be one of 2020’s biggest Oscar players. Based on a Tony Award-winning musical with the red-hot Lin-Manuel Miranda involved. Keep an eye on the reviews.

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