Film Preview: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022)

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(October 16, 2022) Original
(November 13, 2022) New Trailer (#3)

Release Date:

December 9, 2022


From IMDb: “A darker version of the classic children’s fairy tale of a wooden puppet that transforms into a real living boy.”

Poster Rating: C+ / C

Review: (#1) It certainly looks like Pinocchio and his cricket, but doesn’t feel very expressive. (#2) Nice images, but far too much vacant space and not enough narrative depth.

Trailer Rating: C- / C+ / B-

Review: (#1) This teaser is awful. It’s too short and too unexciting. (#2) The second trailer gives us more of the narrative space of the film and while some of the visuals are impressive, the end result looks overly familiar.

(#3) It’s not too far removed from the prior design, but it gives a lot more away about the plot. That shouldn’t hinder the film too much if the viewer has already seen the original Disney classic. That said, while the animation looks wonderful, the substance is muted enough to minimize the film’s potential enticement.

Oscar Prospects:

This could be a major player in the Animated Feature category.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Trailer #3


Poster #1Poster #2

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