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June 24, 2022


From IMDb: “A look at the life of the legendary rock and roll star, Elvis Presley.”

Poster Rating: C / B- (3) / C+ / C+

Review: (#1) Someone went to town with the Bedazzler, though that seems about on point for the Rhinestone-decked figure of the film. There’s nothing to the background and the shiny nature of the golden letters fits, but doesn’t add anything to it.

(#2-#4) This series of posters is visually is sure to draw eyeballs and that’s how you sell a film about Elvis even if they are a bit gaudy. (#5) This speaks more to Elvis’ appeal than the prior designs, but also feels less interesting.

(#6) A similar design to the prior. No focus on the character, just the crowd. It works as well as it can and is a satisfactory effort for a sound system.

Trailer Rating: B / B / B

Review: (#1) There’s not a lot of the plot on display here, but do you need one for a biopic of a world famous celebrity? No. What you do get should be just enough to interest you in what the film might actually do with the subject.

(#2) It’s nice to get new details on a film and they make the case for giving this spectacle a shot even if it doesn’t tell us much more than about its story of a rise to fame and the breaking of social mores.

(#3) It is very odd how well the trailer producers have managed to keep the film feeling fresh in three separate outings while presenting modestly different sets of images strung together in mostly appealing ways. This one is a little lighter on details than the prior effort, but is no less effective.

Oscar Prospects:

Costume Design seems like a given for a nomination, but Production Design could also go along with it as it often does with Baz Luhrmann films. We’ll have to see how critics react before knowing its strength in other categories.

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Trailer #3


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