Film Preview: DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

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Release Date:

July 29, 2022


From IMDb: “Superman’s dog teams up with a flying cat to stop crime while Superman is on vacation.”

Poster Rating: D+ / F / C+ / C+ / B- / C- / D (6) / C- / C+ / D (9)

Review: (#1) The pets are there, but the blank white background makes it all rather unappealing. (#2) There used to be a lot of these title-only posters back when I was working off the Apple trailers website, but fewer in recent years. I give them all a similar grade because they are just the ultimate evocation of the word dull.

(#3) Another in a poor attempt to evoke the style of the similar art pieces done for Disney.

(#4) With all of the characters, it’s nice to see a few more details than before. Unfortunately, the poster looks a bit static. (#5) Adding more details to the design embellishes its content, but the end result isn’t sufficiently improved over the prior design. (#6) An cloudy background with nothing exciting in the foreground makes for a rather dreadful design, especially when it looks rather cheap. (#7-#12; #15-#23) This series of character posters are dull as dishwater. A lazy white background, uninspiring taglines, and forgettable foreground characters makes for a waste of time and energy. (#13) Using an empty background can sometimes embellish the foreground, but on posters where the details are equally important, an effort like this is utterly uninspired. (#14) The previous all-in design looked a bit mediocre and this design is more interesting, especially since it does a better job showcasing who these pets belong to.

Trailer Rating: C / C+ / B

Review: (#1) A general lack of good comedic moments, a dull looking plot that never seems to get around to explaining itself well enough to be interesting, and an art style that looks slapped-together. It’s a whole that doesn’t amuse as well as it should.

(#2) Sometimes, a trailer comes along that looks so idiotic and unfunny that you struggle to see much of a way forward for the film. Other than Keanu Reeves’ voice work, this whole trailer utterly disappoints.

(#3) Now that we’re given a little more plot to understand the premise, the film looks much more entertaining. There are some modestly funny bits, but a lot of the humor falls flat. It honestly looks like someone asked “what if we did The Secret Life of Pets and added “Superhero” before the word “Pets.” There’s a certain lack of imagination going on with this film.

Oscar Prospects:

A Best Animated Feature nomination is possible, but ask The Lego Movie how easy it is to get nominated for an adaptation of popular, yet familiar source material originating from another mass-entertainment medium.

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