Contest: Week 12 – Results and Standings

Week twelve of our contest is now finished with Inception spending a third consecutive week at number one beating Dinner for Schmucks by about $4 M. Come back Thursday to submit your predictions. For contest rules see this original post: Summer Box Office Prediction Contest

#1 Film at the U.S. weekend box office

Correct Response: Inception
Hollywood Z and Mike W and get 1 point each.

Highest grossing new release with how much

Correct Response: Dinner for Schmucks, $23,527,839
Mike W wins the point with his nearly spot-on prediction of $23 M, which was off by $527,839.


  1. 15 Points – Mike Furlong
  2. 11 Points – Sam
  3. 10 Points – Larry
  4. 8 Points – Mike W
  5. 1 Point – Barry, Hollywood Z

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