93rd Oscars: Upcoming Precursors – January

Precursors to the Academy Awards come in many different types and they can appear all year from festivals and national awards to critics groups and other organization. Each month, we’ll take a look at all of the upcoming events that could have some small impact on the Oscars so you can plan out what to keep an eye on.



Friday, Jan. 1 – Casting Society (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Tuesday, Jan. 5 – Hawaii Critics (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Wednesday, Jan. 6 – Denver Critics (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Thursday, Jan. 7 – Publicists (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Thursday, Jan. 7 – British Academy (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Saturday, Jan. 9 – Bodil Awards (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Monday, Jan. 18 – Broadcast Critics (Nominations) (Official)
Monday, Jan. 18 – Online Critics (Nominations) (Official)
Friday, Jan. 22 – NAACP Image Awards (Nominations) (Official)
Monday, Jan. 25 – USC Scripter (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)
Thursday, Jan. 28 – Cesar Awards (Nominations) (Unconfirmed)


Friday, Jan. 1 – Columbus Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Friday, Jan. 1 – Houston Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Sunday, Jan. 3 – Chicago Independent Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Sunday, Jan. 3 – American Film Institute (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Monday, Jan. 4 – North Carolina Critics (Awards) (Official)
Tuesday, Jan. 5 – Austin Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Thursday, Jan. 7 – Vancouver Critics – Canadian Awards (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Friday, Jan. 8 – Hollywood Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Friday, Jan. 8 – Toronto Critics – Canadian Film (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Saturday, Jan. 9 – Iowa Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Saturday, Jan. 9 – National Society Critics (Awards) (Official)
Saturday, Jan. 9 – Women Journalists (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Monday, Jan. 11 – AARP (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Monday, Jan. 11 – Gotham Awards (Awards) (Official)
Tuesday, Jan. 12 – Denver Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Tuesday, Jan. 12 – Hawaii Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Wednesday, Jan. 20 – Latino Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Saturday, Jan. 23 – Golden Eagle Awards (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Monday, Jan. 25 – Online Critics (Awards) (Official)
Tuesday, Jan. 26 – National Board of Review (Awards) (Official)
Friday, Jan. 29 – London Critics (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Friday, Jan. 29 – Casting Society (Awards) (Unconfirmed)
Sunday, Jan. 31 – Grammy Awards (Awards) (Official)

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