The Rundown 2012: Supporting Actress

For our fifth Rundown article, the race where past winners are the only competition for the current frontrunner. After the jump, you’ll find our winner and runner-up predictions for Best Supporting Actress as well as general commentary about the race. Tomorrow, we’ll cover the one category where someone will be taking home second (or third) Oscar.

Best Supporting Actress

Winner Predictions

  • Amy Adams – The Master
  • Sally Field – Lincoln
  • Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables (O) (O) (O)
  • Helen Hunt – The Sessions
  • Jacki Weaver – Silver Linings Playbook

Runner-Up Predictions

  • Sally Field – Lincoln (O) (O) (O)

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Wesley Lovell: The chatter has been that Anne Hathaway’s seemingly ungracious speech at the Globes would destroy her chances for an Oscar; however, everything continues to support a Best Supporting Actress win. Sally Field is her strongest competitor, but she already has two Oscars. Field has never lost an Oscar race though, so it’s possible they could give it to her, but so few roles on film in the last several years aren’t likely to help. Helen Hunt has an Oscar and Jacki Weaver’s performance is too slight leaving Amy Adams as the only oft-nominated member on the list who could come from behind to win. However, Field has the more high profile film behind her.
Peter J. Patrick: Acting awards are often given for something other than performance, especially when two or more are deemed more or less equally memorable. This year Sally Field, Anne Hathaway and Helen Hunt are the standouts, but with Hunt a previous Best Actress winner and Field a two-time Best Actress winner, previous Best Actress nominee Hathaway becomes the overriding favorite. She also has the charming back story of having played a role in her film that her mother played in the play’s touring version a quarter century ago.
Tripp Burton: Anne Hathaway has been the front-runner for this award seemingly all year, and this is one early front-runner who has produced. She received rave reviews, has picked up all the televised precursors and looks poised to take the award at the Oscars. The only thing standing in her way is a possible dark-horse candidacy from Hollywood favorite Sally Field, who could ride a wave if Lincoln proves to be more popular than it seems.


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(O) = Original, Post-Nomination Prediction
(R) = Rundown Series Prediction


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  1. one of the few no brains with Sally Fields in the runner-up position

  2. No doubt: Anne Hathaway…

  3. One of the few awards of the evening that are a lock is Anne Hathaway’s.

    The other 4 actreses work in their respective films are no match for Anne’s rendition of I dreamed I dream.

    And she also gave us a great catwoman

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