Review: One of Them (1999)

One of Them

One of Them



Ralph E. Portillo


David Ciesielski


1h 33m


Ozman Sirgood, Marianne Bennett, David Boller, Erin Byron, Kelly Carmichael, Chase Carpenter, Susan M. Carr, Gary Cotton, Richard Anthony Crenna, Scott Fishkind, Paul Geffre

MPAA Rating



In the early 2000s, I was writing reviews for an outfit called Apollo Guide Reviews. That website has since been closed down.

Attempting to reconstruct those reviews has been an exercise in frustration. Having sent them to Apollo Guide via email on a server I no longer have access to (and which probably doesn’t have records going back that far), my only option was to dig through The Wayback Machine to see if I could find them there. Unfortunately, while I found a number of reviews, a handful of them have disappeared into the ether. At this point, almost two decades later, it is rather unlikely that I will find them again.

This page is a placeholder for those reviews that I wrote, but which have no written review available to them.

While that site had a 100-point scale for its reviews, I was able to record my opinions of these pictures in a standard star-rating, which may ultimately be all that remains of those reviews.

Review Written

April 5, 2002

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