Resurfaced Reviews

This will be a series of reviews from over two decades ago that have recently resurfaced. A number of the reviews I wrote in the past I thought had been lost to time, but after coming to a realization that they might still exist on the Wayback Machine, I was able to relocate many of them. I believe there are still some that are lost and they may never be found, but I will periodically search for that data or re-write those reviews that I have never found or which I never wrote to begin with.

For now, this series will be extensive with over 300 regular (400+ words), short (400- words), and quickie (1 to 2 paragraphs) reviews. I will attempt to combine them as best as I can. Reviews written in early 1998 or earlier, no date of creation exists. I will post the original writing date where known, otherwise the date will be listed as “unknown.” These reviews were written between the date of my site’s founding in 1996 through much of 2002. It was only after this period that I settled on the standard format and length of reviews as well as posting each one to its own individual page, which is why the old data was ultimately lost.

All but the review content has been replaced to match my current formatting guidelines, which are a bit more thorough than they might have been in those early days. Please note that I am attempting to retain as much of the original editing integrity as possible, so spelling and/or grammar errors may still be present. This may also mean that some factual data is not there as IMDb was not as ubiquitous then as it is now.

Update, 11.6.2022.

The short and quickie reviews will now be posted similar to my The Morning After article. While I initially did these as individual review posts, I’ve realized it might be misleading to continue doing so. I will start doing these as individual posts of five short/quickie reviews at a time and they will be posted on Saturdays and Sundays until I run out of them. Once that occurs, I will move from releasing five full length reviews a week to seven until the entire backlog of resurfaced reviews are completed. All of the short/quickie reviews that have already been posted will be removed and added to a pair of separate posts on November 12, 2022 and November 13, 2022 and then the new format will begin on November 19, 2022.

In addition, I’ve gone through all of the existing content and removed the header verbiage to make them better align with other reviews I’ve written. I will also retitle them to remove the “Resurfaced” before the title and instead put in a link to this post stating that the review is being posted now having resurfaced from its original creation date.

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