Precursor: 11th Make-Up Artists Guild Awards (2019)

Bombshell wiped the floor with the competition, winning prizes in every category it was nominated in. Rocketman was surprisingly skipped entirely and Joker, expectedly, and Downton Abbey, interestingly, were the other winners.

Award Tallies

(3) Bombshell

The Awards


Best Period and/or Character Make-up

Joker (Wesley, Peter, Tripp)

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling

Downton Abbey (Thomas)

Best Special Make-up Effects

Bombshell (Tripp, Thomas)

Best Contemporary Make-up

Bombshell (Wesley, Peter, Tripp, Thomas)

Best Contemporary Hair Styling

Bombshell (Wesley, Peter, Thomas, RU:Tripp)

Make-Up and Hair Stylists Guild Data

Year Founded: 1937
First Awards: 1999 (11)

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