Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

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Poster Rating: C-; C (all posters)

Review: The first poster is as dreadfully boring as any. It’s nothing but the traditional pirates logo with yet another new subtitle. The second poster is the only other one that actually bears the full title of the production and is thus the most important. With Jack coming out of the fog they are trying to conjure up a feeling of atmosphere but it does very little to entice a viewer who isn’t already planning on seeing it. The other posters are just to single out the main characters of the film and each are similarly unimpressive.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: Intriguing in the way the sequel was and thus not giving me much faith in the end result, but hopefully at least it will be a lot more light-hearted and fun than the ill-conceived sequel.

Oscar Prospects:

It’s almost assured a Visual Effects nomination and it’s very likely to pick up nods for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. Costume Design and Art Direction are all cusp awards that hinge on how well the film does with audiences and critics. It may not depend on that at all, either. Also expect a potential Makeup nomination, though that branch is a bit persnickety.

Release Date:

May 25, 2007


Easily surpassing the second film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is nowhere near as good as the first film, thanks to still-terrible performances, once-reliable performances gone bad (Depp) and a frightfully-lengthy running time. It is still, however, better than the other so-far-released trilogy cappers this year.

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