Oscar Preview: Weekend of September 25-27, 2020

We had one film release this past weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations.

The Glorias

Julie Taymor is the kind of visionary director that cinema needs right now, but whose work is perpetually ignored. The Glorias is her sixth film and has a small chance of being recognized in a much smaller field than usual.

Half of her filmic output has been Shakespearean adaptations with Titus (1999), her feature debut, a recipient of one Oscar nominations; The Tempest (2007), her fourth film, and also a one-time Oscar nominee; and her fifth was just a filmed version of her stage adaptation A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014), making it Oscar-ineligible. The other three films have been a strange bunch with Frida (2002) based on the life of tortured painter Frida Kahlo earning the most nominations of any of her pictures today, picking up six nominations and winning two Oscars for Original Score and Makeup. That was followed by Across the Universe (2007), an original story based on the music of The Beatles. That film also secured one Oscar nomination.

This latest film is about the life of feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem and stars Oscar winners Julianne Moore as the older version and Alicia Vikander as the younger and they are supported by Oscar nominee Bette Midler and Oscar near-miss Janelle Monaé. The film has some small chance in the craft categories with its period costuming, but its best chances lie with its female actor quartet. While I doubt all three will be nominated, Moore has a solid chance, as does Vikander, but it will all depend on whether they are campaigned in lead or support or split.

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