Oscar Preview: Weekend of Nov. 21-23, 2014

We had one film release this past weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

After two previous strike-outs, a third is very likely in order for Katniss Everdeen and her franchise’s attempts to find additional legitimacy at the hands of the Oscars.

The first two films were widely praised thanks to the solid source material and forward-thinking examination of vengeance, totalitarianism and pluck. The first film had plenty of opportunities to score at the Oscars with excellent production design, costumes and makeup. There was also a fairly popular song rolling over the end credits. It came away with nothing.

The second had the same thing going for it, but also failed to ignite Oscar’s passion. This time out, the film hasn’t found the solid footing with critics its predecessors had. Combine that with the more muted tones and you have only one category in which the film could become a competitor: Best Original Song. Singer/songwriter Lorde has reached a level of acclaim that few in modern music have. She agreed to write a song that’s every bit her style, but which might prove a bit too hip for the Academy.

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