Oscar Preview: Weekend of Mar. 21-23, 2014

We had one film release this past weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations. (NOTE: This post is going live in the normal “The Morning After” slot. The Morning After article has been delayed to the afternoon posting.)

Muppets Most Wanted

A dismal week at the box office surely won’t help the latest incarnation of the rebooted Muppets. This story, following the Oscar-winning run of The Muppets is sure to end up on a few prediction lists because of its array of original songs.

Walt Disney Corporation bought the Muppets and, with it, have decided to reinvigorate the franchise. Their successful first outing with a new Muppet joining the others, the reboot did tremendously well at the box office and earned the film an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. Having won the Oscar for “Man or Muppet,” it would be foolhardy to believe the new film wouldn’t at least compete, especially with the bizarre tastes of the music branch these days.

However, having watched the film, there aren’t any great songs and a handful are good, but probably not good enough for a nomination. Pair that with the poor performance the film is receiving not only from critics and the box office, and you have a movie that is going to require a lot of arm-twisting at year’s-end for people to remember it.

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