Oscar Preview: Weekend of Mar. 15-17, 2013

We had one film release this weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations.

Ginger & Rosa

A minor part of last year’s festival circuit, Ginger & Rosa suffers from an early release, which will make pushing its lead, Elle Fanning, for Oscar consideration a tough move. The Sally Potter film takes place in London during the Cuban Missile Crisis as two friends find their relationship crumbling as they both grow older and apart. Fanning is one of the finest young actresses working today who has gotten very little attention for her work. This marks the second film that had been talked about on the bubble of getting Oscar consideration, but ultimately struggled amidst the stronger, older actresses. In Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, Fanning in the conversation early on, as was the film. When the film was released to mixed reviews, her name got minimal press and ultimately disappeared from the competition. Fanning is likely to suffer the same fate this time. Ginger & Rosa has also been receiving mixed notices even if Fanning is frequently singled out for her work. The March release shows a lack of faith in the film’s prospects and will likely result in this being one of those cases where hype doesn’t live up to result.

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