Oscar Preview: Weekend of Feb. 1-3, 2013

We had two films releasing this weekend with the potential for Oscar nominations. Neither are very likely to be Oscar contenders, but with so few coming out in this season, it’s important to talk about something however remotely unlikely it is.

Warm Bodies

With a decent opening weekend and generally positive reaction from critics and audiences, Warm Bodies is that quirky comedy that does well with minor precursors, but is ultimately ignored by the Academy. The film’s chances at a screenwriting nomination are dubious, but a case could easily be made for the Academy to branch out and recognize the film. However, consider sci-fi thriller Looper was rapturously applauded by critics and still failed to gain Oscar recognition, Warm Bodies will have to take comfort in its decent box office take.


Former New York mayor Ed Koch was a polarizing figure, even if he was beloved by much of the city after departing office. This documentary presents the political figure warts and all and could be an early contender for a Best Documentary Feature nomination. That its subject died the day it opened at theaters may bolster the film’s chances among New York-based documentary filmmakers who may have had personal experiences with him or at least have rose-colored memories of his days in office. Of course, the intense dislike some had for the man may keep the film out of competition. 82% currently on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t speak highly for the film, but it’s still a strong, positive reaction from critics.

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