Looking at the Weekend: Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2020

There’s one new wide release, a horror film, naturally. The others are all limited and not films that have been hotly anticipated, so it will be another dull weekend.

Our Highest Rated Films: None
Our Best Awards Ratings: None


Amigo Skate, Cuba (Limited)
The Donut King (Limited)
Fishbowl (Limited)
Malibu Road

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2020


Our Thoughts

Awards Chances

Come Play

(Wide Release)
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Trailer & Poster Preview

Wesley Lovell: (3)
Peter J. Patrick: (2)
Thomas LaTourrette: (4)

Wesley Lovell: (Nil)
Peter J. Patrick: (Nil)
Thomas LaTourrette: (Nil)

  • None

Individual Commentary:

Wesley Lovell (WL): It looks like too many other supernatural horror films and that’s not very good.
Peter J. Patrick (PP): Welcome to child’s play 2020 – trailer is repetitive and annoying. I can’t imagine sitting through an entire film of this.
Thomas LaTourette (TL): There were a couple mildly scary parts in the trailer, but not too many. And I was really tired of watching lights flash off by the end.

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