Looking at the Weekend: Jun. 19-21, 2020

As theaters begin re-opening, we’re going to start highlighting what’s coming out in the following weeks. It will be a slow, but steady build back to what everyone had been expecting prior to the pandemic.


Creating a Character: The Moni Yakim Legacy
A Girl Missing
Guest Artist
Quarantine Cat Film Fest
Queen of Lapa
The Transcendents
Vampire Dad
Woman on the Beach

Jun. 19-21, 2020


Our Thoughts

Awards Chances


(Limited Release)
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Trailer & Poster Preview

Wesley Lovell: (6)
Peter J. Patrick: (6)
Thomas LaTourrette: (6)

Wesley Lovell: (Nil)
Peter J. Patrick: (5,Critics)

  • None

Individual Commentary:

Wesley Lovell (WL): If it weren’t for the cast, I don’t think this film would hold any interest for me.
Peter J. Patrick (PP): If you can get past the awful title, this looks like a decent coming-of-age film from Australia with a first-rate cast.
Thomas LaTourette (TL): The early reviews are good, but the trailer does not excite me and does not differentiate itself from any other first love film.

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